Blue babouche slipper

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Product Description

Moroccan slippers babouches are a traditional moroccan footwear. Handcrafted by talented craftsmen who put their heart into their work to provide you with high quality slippers.
They are flexible, soft and offer comfort to the feet of the wearer. Goatskin leather is known for being resistent to heat and keeps its good look for years. It also offers breathing room for the feet in hot temperatures. This leather is soft and tough at the same time, a combination that makes those leather slippers resisting, durable and require less maintenance than other leather slippers may need. There is no special occasion to wear Moroccan slippers, you can wear them everyday. We make sure to choose the right packaging for our products so they can be delivered in good condition.If you require bigger quantities of this products, you can send us your requirements and we will get back to you with the information you need for your order.
Note: we can customize your order with the colors that you prefer.

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Biyadina is a group of investors, engaged to preserve and enhance the ancestral Moroccan knowledge. The offered products are the result of the work of Master craftsmen who live their passion through their work. The traditional style is now refreshed, refined, and can be combined with all other styles.