AI Groupe Company is both a manufacturer and wholesaler of traditional Moroccan crafts. Our warehouse is located at N220 Lotissement M'Hamid 9, 40160 Marrakech, Morocco.

We employ only the finest and most talented craftsman in their field who put their hearts and souls into their work in order to make unique products that are 100 % made of natural materials. We make quality crafts that include: Moroccan traditional clothing for men and women, wooden and pottery decorative items as well as all sorts of Moroccan traditional footwear such as babouches and sandals. We are also engaged in manufacturing a wide variety of luxury goods embossed in either ostrich or shagreen leather.

Our products are available in many natural colors and decorated in eye-catching designs and patterns. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, our products draw attention wherever they are and are worth every penny! We are confident that you will find our goods both excellent in quality and reasonable in price.

Biyadina is a group of investors, engaged to preserve and enhance the ancestral Moroccan knowledge. The offered products are the result of the work of Master craftsmen who live their passion through their work. The traditional style is now refreshed, refined, and can be combined with all other styles.