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White and Black Babouche slipper


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Beautiful engraved babouche


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Babouche slipper aladin


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Babouche slipper Aladin


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Blue babouche slipper


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Oriental round shoe


Item collection bbe3f2e7 d161 4f46 8fb6 e9fb270642b7

Moroccan babouche slipper


Item collection dafd13d9 4387 46a7 9dfd 51f48a090ec8

Leather babouche


Item collection 538fbb78 d3cd 4769 a91c 69f04cab0a3a

Ladies Ballerine


Item collection 3604ee17 4131 49aa a229 93a90d091998

Engraved Ballerina


Biyadina is a group of investors, engaged to preserve and enhance the ancestral Moroccan knowledge. The offered products are the result of the work of Master craftsmen who live their passion through their work. The traditional style is now refreshed, refined, and can be combined with all other styles.